Thursday, February 23, 2012

History is Romance!

When I tell people I have a degree in History, the usual response is that history is so boring.

Well, not if one considers that History is about people, not dates, rulers and battle lines on war maps.

People of all ages fell in love. That is a constant. Yes, there were arranged marriages. Some for love, some for money and status and . . . the begetting of an heir.  

And yet, the historical record, as well as the recorded literature in every culture is full intriguing stories and myths about true love. Tristan and Isolde, Lancelot and Guinevere, Robin Hood and Maid Marion,  Helen of Troy--can you imagine the Greeks going to war over who gets the pretty woman?

Yes, throughout history there are legends, myths and there are also stories about real people who fell in love, endured the hardships and the crises of their world, and remained faithful to one another. President Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel, come to mind. Old Hickory was a true  alpha male hero at heart, but few people are aware of that fact.  I'll share more about Andrew and Rachel's tempestuous love in a future post.

In this post I wanted to introduce myself and my writing to my readers and tell you a little bit about why I am obsessed with Historical Romances.

Most of my novels take place in the  late Eighteenth Century and early Nineteenth Century.

Why this time period?

So much was happening in the world; The American Revolution, The Irish Rebellion of 1798, The French Revolution, The Age of Enlightenment and the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, to name a few.

Within these bold, expansive movements were everyday people who had to survive untold horrors. In order to do that, they often had to relocate and re-invent themselves as their world fell apart. Finding that special person to help them rebuild their lives from the ashes made the struggle to survive worth while.

Love is timeless. Love, and the romance, or courtship that results with love taking hold, are important in every age. Finding True Love gives us hope and a reason to go on.