Sunday, November 15, 2015

Support Paris with Books that Celebrate Paris!

A moment when the whole world cries for a city.

The City of Love was attacked by terrorists November 13, 2015.  

A few have dubbed this as France's 9/11.  Yes, the images of this attack are graphic and disturbing. It was an attack coordinated to kill and maim people who were at leisure events--innocent citizens at a sports stadium, dining at Paris restaurants and those attending a concert where an American rock band was playing. It was an attack directed at people engaged in Friday night entertainment! It was an attack on youth, as many of the targets in the concert hall were young people out for an evening of fun.  Citizens, not military targets, became the casualities, and we grieve with France this week.


Please remember the victims and their families in your prayers and your intentions.  I was in tears after seeing the video footage of this horrific event. Seeing young people at a concert being forced to run for their lives. Some dragging behind them a friend or loved one who was shot and could not walk or run. The image of young women hanging from outside the window ledges two stories up to avoid being shot like animals will forever haunt me.  

Help where you can: even small contributions add up! 

How can we help, and where can we do it? 

I've joined forces with several other romance authors this weekend to make a difference, to help in time of crisis by donating a portion of our book sales to help the victims and their families in this crisis.

 Update: we now have a landing page which you can view here: 

Romance Books that Celebrate Paris 

 Update:  Our Books that Celebrate Paris authors are donating a portion of our royalties to the French Red Cross for our books sold from November 13th thru December 31st. Shine the light, celebrate Paris and help support the victims and their families in this dark moment.    

Books in this program: 

Her Rules by C.C. MacKenzie

Some Enchanted Dream by Lily Silver 

 Dare Valley Meets Paris Billionaire Series, The Billionaire's Gamble Volume 1 by Ava Miles

Billionaire in disguise by Blair Babylon

The promise of Provence by Patricia Sands

Learning Curves by Olivia Rigal 

What the Heart Remembers by Bette Lee Crosby

  To view these titles with links to buy, please visit our main page; Books that Celebrate Paris

This is not about increasing book sales.  It's not about promoting my books or anyone else's. It's about raising funds for a good cause, and using books we have written that celebrate the joy and beauty of Paris to raise money to help the French. 

Starting on November 13th until December 31st 2013 if you buy Some Enchanted Dream in digital form on any ebook platform, my royalties from sales will all go to the French Red Cross in this time of crisis.

Some Enchanted Dream takes place in Paris, and celebrates the city as a magical place. The story is a time travel that takes place in Paris of 1889 and is a celebration of the wonderful time period and the Paris Exhibition.  For me, Paris is a place of romance, magic and wonder. The city of love.

Let's keep it that way, the City of Love and Romance, not the city of terror. 

As my author peeps and I become more organized I will post the details on our event. Until then, here are links to Some Enchanted Dream for purchase. From this point on, until December 13th, 2015, if not longer, all my earnings from the sale of this book will go to relief and aid to those affected by the Paris crisis. 

Amazon Links:

Some Enchanted Dream USA 

UK link Some Enchanted Dream

Canada Link Some Enchanted Dream

DE link Some Enchanted Dream 

France link Some Enchanted Dream

Spain link Some Enchanted Dream 

Italy link Some Enchanted Dream

ITUNES Link  Itunes Some Enchanted Dream

Kobo Link Some Enchanted Dream 

Nook link Some Enchanted Dream 

I understand if you do not wish to buy a novel as a means of support of the French during this time, but please do donate to a charity directed to aid for the French and the victims of this tragedy somewhere in the coming weeks. Thank you.    

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jane Austen and Zombies

Sorry, a day late in posting for Halloween.

I couldn't not share this.  If you love Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice, you'll be thrilled to see this next Jane Austen Movie. The movie trailer just became available.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies



For more info check Link to novel on Wikipedia 

FYI, I have not read the book. My husband, a monumental Austen reader (for a man), has and loved it. He keeps telling me I should read it. My kindle is ready to break as it is with books downloaded, so I've not stepped into this one yet.


Yay, another Austenesque Movie. Not by Austen, but based on Pride and Prejudice with a paranormal twist. Got Zombies in Regency England?  Now we do!  Lily James from Downton Abbey (Rose), plays Elizabeth Bennett.

Here is the exciting trailer for the upcoming movie, scheduled to be released in February 2016.

I can't wait. Elizabeth, Darcy, and a war against Zombies!  Mark your calender if you dare.

Other News: 

My Halloween Costume this year.  Steampunk Dark Lily.

Note my wonderful skull cane with horns!  As I said, a day late, but I had a  wonderful Halloween. Hope you did too.

Lily Silver, aka DarkLily