Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Rock Ballad That Speaks to Every Woman's Heart

In my recently published Time Travel Romance, the heroine, Tara O'Neill is a modern day DJ at a radio station. She has discovered a song that speaks to her heart, and as a DJ who can capture the air waves for a brief time each night, she features that song as her calling card at the beginning of her show.

The song is a 1990's Romantic Ballad by Meatloaf, "I'd Lie for You (and That's The Truth)" from his Welcome to the Neighborhood Album. Meatloaf's song in this video clip is a tribute to the Indiana Jones Movies, and features actor Brett Cullen as a "Jones" type adventurer. Meatloaf is a genius when it comes to writing lyrics that touch a woman's soul. If you've forgotten the words to this lovely ballad,  never heard of it or just want to revisit it, here is a the opportunity.

Through the magic of YouTube, you can watch this wonderful video, listen to the words, and be swept away by them, just as Tara was in "Some Enchanted Waltz".
                             Note to viewer: It may work better if viewed at YouTube Home.
Click on the right hand corner to view on the YouTube site if you experience problems with buffering here.

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