Friday, April 12, 2013

What Flower speaks true romance?

Flowers are on my mind lately.

I'm gearing up for that big spring blooming time, anticipating the floral bouquets that will soon be filling my house.

So the question needs to be asked:

What kind of flowers would you want your Romance Hero to bring to you?

We all have favorite flowers. 

Roses are somehow connected with the whole romance thing.

I think roses are lovely, truly, I do.

And yet, I love, love, love a big bouquet of Irises!

And then there are those lovely tulips

                               So sensual, don't you think?  

And what about bleeding heart?  Hey, that spawns a whole new thought. Is your romance hero's heart bleeding for you?  Oh, la la!  
That idea could make your toes curl!

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