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March Madness: Irish Heroes to Warm Your Heart

Hey, It's that time again.  March---cold winds, climate change, and St. Patrick's Day.

It's that time when everyone wishes they were Irish.

Or pretends they are!  I love Ireland, the beauty, the myths, the legends, and the lovely emerald landscape.

It started when I was little. I blame the leprucan, the Lucky Charms dude who won me over as a child with his sweet breakfast offerings, those little marshmallows sprinkled in my cereal, with shapes!  And then there was the movie I saw as a wee lass, 

Darby O'Gill and the Little People. My sister took me to the theater to see it. I was entranced. Not just the little people, Sean Connery as a young man or the mysterious Irish landscape. It was the coiste bodher, the death coach scene that scared me and hooked me. That,  and the mysterious pooka horse that kept trying to lead Darby into the mountains ....... 

Needless to say, I'm not Irish. Not a drop, despite my bright red hair. It's English, and Norwegian that does that to me. I still LOVE the Irish, and Ireland. Go figure.  I'm stuck on the myth and legends, and most of my romance heroes are Irish Rogues.

Elizabeth O'Flaherty & Donovan O'Rourke Beaumont

  To Date My Irish Heroes have been 

Donovan O'Rourke Beaumont (Dark Hero)

Kieran O'Flaherty (Bright Scoundrel) 

Lord Adrian Dillon ( Some Enchanted Waltz) 

Gareth O'Donovan  (A Christmas Kiss) 

Rose de Lacy

Most of my heroines are Irish (Not all) 

Irish Heroines:

Elizabeth O'Flaherty  (Dark Hero) 

Rose de Lacy  (Bright Scoundrel) 

Tara O'Neill  (Some Enchanted Waltz) 

Alicia O'Donovan (The Widow's Christmas Wish) 

Jessica Kelly (The Rock Star Next Door) 

 Hmmmmm,  there's a pattern here somewhere. 

 What Heroines aren't Irish, you may be asking?  Well, Chloe Ramirez (A Christmas Kiss) is Spanish, but her lover is half Irish (Gareth O'Donovan). Zara, the Gypsy isn't Irish. Nor are the heroines in a couple of upcoming books. We'll see, maybe I can break this habit...... probably not.

We all love a good haunting Irish Romance, complete with a ghost or two, a banshee, some druids, and a fairy or two. (if you like Fairy Romance, try Some Enchanted Waltz, my Time Travel romance that takes place in Ireland). Tara and Adrian are both Irish, although he's old school 18th century Irish and she is a 21st century Irish American.....time travel lovers with plenty of misconceptions about the opposite sex that skewer their expectations in their relationship.



Well, this month, for the entire month, I'm sharing my Irish Lovers with you, at March Madness prices. I'm offering two of my Irish Rogues, in two Historical Romances, for just .99 cents.  That's two sweeping romances of over 100,000 words each, or 400 plus pages. Why, well, to celebrate the Irish, and all things Irish, of course.  Both books are in my series, Reluctant Heroes, and as I'll be publishing the third book in the series soon, here's another reason to offer the first two books at a discount.  So, here they are, ladies, two Irish Rogues to steal your heart away this month . . . . Dark Hero and Bright Scoundrel. 

Dark Hero features the tortured hero, Donovan Beaumont, who has some PTSD and likes to play games of masquerade. He keeps the heroine on her toes as he goes back and forth between his two personalities, Donovan O'Rourke, the common stable master, and the mysterious masked Count Rochembeau, a French nobleman. Like I said, he's got issues, mostly of the paranoid kind. He keeps people at a distance, making sure he is never betrayed by those about him again. But, as he is the hero, he does have strong redeeming qualities, and it takes a special heroine to get him to give up his dual indentities and just let people accept him as he is. Will the real Donovan please stand up? Donovan is my favorite hero. This story is very Gothic.

Bright Scoundrel features an Irish Hero who returns to his childhood home. He's a rake, and also a descendant of druids, so he possesses magical powers. Kieran O'Flaherty is hiding, as well. Not from himself, but from some bad media back in London that's put his grandfather in a snit, so he's hiding away in Ireland until the scandal dies down. He returns to his familial castle Roisin Dubh (Black Rose), only to find it is full of ghosts and one nasty elemental creature with the thirst for human blood. He is set with the task of cleaning up his home, but he needs some magical help. He finds it in a clever fae, a druid hermit, and the Banshsee of Roisin Dubh Castle. He also finds a very alluring woman, Rose de Lacy, a spinster who seems to be the only woman alive immune to his magnetic charms. Kieran must not only set his house to rights, but also win the heart of the fair Rose.  

Think Nicholas Cage in The Sorcerer's Apprentic, and you'll get the feel of this book. Yes, there is magic in it, as Kieran must use magic to fight his enemies. And it is chock full of Irish legend and myth, my own tribute to that wonderful film "Darby O'Gill and The Little People" that had such and impact on my childhood.  

Sean Connery, 1960

So there you have it. Two Irish Heroes, a gift from me to you in celebration of March, Spring, and St. Patrick's Day. You can find them at discount prices through March on all platforms. If you click on the book covers on the side bar, it will take you to the Amazon links.

Hey, I'm close to being related to the Irish, as my son is engaged to a sweet Irish American Girl!  Maybe I'll have an Irish Grandchild one day. I already have two red headed grandkids, very spirited red headed boys, by the way!  


Note to readers: If you were looking for another chapter or The Gypy's Curse, I'm sorry to disappoint you. However, as I have not had any comments regarding the story in the past postings, I felt it was not popular enough to continue with the weekly postings. If you would like me to continue the Serialized Sunday feature, please contact me at I will be publishing the book this summer, 2014. 

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