Sunday, December 7, 2014

Serial Sundays Update: The Gypsy's Curse

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For those of you who have been following the serialized romance on this blog, The Gypsy's Curse, I have good news. It is now published, and out in the world. You were given a rare first glimpse of an author's rough draft writing this past year. I started posting in February of 2014 and ended on December 3rd, 2014.  The whole novel was posted here in increments. 

Thank you so much for following my progess, and Zara's progress!   The book is now available for sale on all digital platforms and will soon be available in print form as well.   The posts of excerpts are no longer available on this blog, except for a couple of entries I left up--the beginning, and the end posts. I hope I entertained you, as that is the main goal of every fiction writer, to entertain!     



So, here is a bow from Stephan St. John, who played the deliciously handsome and cunning hero in TGC,  I hope he entertained you with his wild side.  

Stephan was a fun character to write,  a merchant class lawyer in regency England with a little problem--being a werewolf. I made him gallant and noble, as well as a little scary--the perfect blend in a Gothic Romance, right?


And here is a curtsy from our heroine, Zara the gypsy girl, a.k.a. Miss Sarah Jennings.  She was a bit more difficult ot write, as I had to keep reminding myself that she has had no formal education and so her internal thoughts and observations had to be within her own world-view. I found myself editing word use more and more with her as I couldn't have her use complex words like diversion (substitute fun here and you get the picture) that an educated person of our time might use. Hopefully, we (myself and my editor) caught all those little pesky quirks of word use so our 19th century uneducated woman didn't end up sounding like a college graduate. 


***Note--I mean no formal education here, that does not mean she's dumb, but rather that she's had to educate herself through reading books, as many women had to do in that time.  Fortunately, the widow who took her in helped her get past the rudimentary reading lessons she had as a child and expand her reading skills so she could pursue self education in Stephan St. John's extensive library at Huntington Abbey.  Zara taught me a lot about writing, and her POV was often a challenge.  Hopefully I grew as a writer in this story. 


So, we close the book on Stephan and Zara, and move on to the next writing project, the sequel to Some Enchanted Waltz--Some Enchanted Dream~  (The adventures of Tara and Adrian continue!) 

Thank you all, 

Lily Silver, Author

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