Friday, February 12, 2016

A Dangerous Hero; Release Day for Noble Assassin!

Just in time for Valentine's Day!  A New Historical Romance Release from Lily Silver:

Hello everyone. I'm excited this weekend. It's Release Day for Noble Assassin, Book Four of my Reluctant Heroes Series!  As a Valentine's Treat, take a peek at an Excerpt below from the First Scene;

The Governess meets the Assassin!  Excerpt from Noble Assassin, Copyright Lily Silver 2016

The Island of Ravencrest, West Indies, 1808
“Will you help me?” The lovely blonde woman sat before him at his desk, her blue eyes pleading and fearful.
Ambrose was not a heartless man, but he was as yet unimpressed by her tale of woe.
The glow of a candle flickered and danced before him, although it was only mid- afternoon. The storm outside made it necessary to light the candles to see. The tropical rainstorm brought an additional sense of gloom to the atmosphere as Miss Wallingford sketched out her story in the most obscure terms possible.
The light of the flame was entrancing, a warm yellow golden glow that bathed his mind in calm. It was a trick he learned in the East Indies, to focus on the simplest thing to clear his mind of all the clutter that shadowed an issue and brought a thousand questions and concerns.
The warmth of the flame could comfort. The heat could maim or kill.
So it was with any object. It could be used for good or evil. The intent was purely in the one wielding the object in his hand. His childhood tutors trained him to see even everyday objects that appeared harmless as potential weapons at his disposal.
“Mr. Duchamp, will you help me?” The whisper soft voice of his unexpected guest brought Ambrose back from his quiet contemplation of the flame. Miss Wallingford was quite fetching by candlelight. Her buttery blonde curls framed a face that could launch a thousand ships, if the legend of Helen of Troy were to be given life. She was an English woman with an English nose, a resolute English chin and prim, tight English lips.
Pink lips, to be precise. Lips that needed kissing, but had likely never had the pleasure.
Miss Wallingford was the governess at Ravencrest Plantation. He steepled his hands before him and studied the lovely woman who had come to the island plantation just eighteen months ago.  He studied her with ruthless silence, ignoring her plea. Why would such a lovely, intelligent woman require the lethal assistance of a man such as himself?  “I will think on it.”
Her smooth English brow was pinched. She appeared offended by his reluctance to entangle himself in her private affairs. “I have no one else who can help me, sir. No one else to turn to.”
“You might speak with his lordship,” Ambrose suggested.  Sharing her dilemma with their employer was an unpleasant option, but an option, nevertheless. “Count Rochembeau is a fair man. He has a soft spot for those trapped in unfortunate circumstances. He might offer a better solution than I could. A more civilized and honorable solution.”
“His lordship would dismiss me and send me back to England.” Miss Wallingford sat up straight in the chair. “And they would find me easily if I were returned to English shores.”
Ambrose sighed. He studied the candle again, seeking the serenity of the silent flame. He knew what happened when a target was located by a professional assassin. There could be a time of waiting to make the kill. If the assassin were smart, he would strike quickly and leave the area before someone noticed him and his cover were blown.
Pretty Miss Wallingford was putting him in a very difficult situation by asking for his help with her would-be pursuers. Suppose she was involved in political intrigue?  His employer would not be pleased if Ambrose brought trouble to the serene island refuge where both he and the count had come to escape the horrors of France years ago. Count Rochembeau had finally found peace after his ordeal in the Bastille. The count found refuge in the arms of his beautiful wife and the bland domestic life they shared with their five children.
He picked up an apple from the bowl on his desk and began peeling it with his favorite dagger. After twirling away the skin with ease, he sliced it into quarters and picked up a piece with the tip of his blade. He bit into the tasty fruit. He’d skipped lunch and he was famished. He picked up another piece with the tip of his blade, about to shove it into his mouth.
She was watching him with fascinated horror. So, she’d heard the stories about him and his fondness for sharp instruments from the sailor’s wives. Tres bien. A fierce reputation was not a flaw but a weapon of the mind. A weapon he’d honed to full advantage. 
“Pardon, mademoiselle,” he said in a flat tone devoid of true regret. “I have forgotten my manners. Would you care for a piece?” He extended his arm across the desk, holding the dagger out to her with a chunk of fruit impaled on the end.
Her eyes told the tale. She was appalled by his casual savagery. 
End of Excerpt, Copyright Lily Silver, 2016

If you want a simmering, suspenseful historical romance with an unlikely hero set in the warm Caribbean, here is the link for the book on Noble Assassin on

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