Monday, June 13, 2016

Hooray for Summer Reads, Hooray for Free!


Summertime has always been about reading for me. Sun, surf, ice cold lemonade or something stronger, and I'm in heaven.  

June marks a big anniversary for me, the 25 year anniversary of when I started writing historical romance. That's right, 25 years!  Actually, I started in May of 1991 just as my kids were finishing school for the year, but I am counting 25 years as a romance writer, so let's celebrate!  

I've recently made my first published novel, Dark Hero, also the first in the Reluctant Heroes series FREE.  That's right, it's a 400 plus page historical romance novel full of suspense, mystery and magic, for free on me. You can download it from any of the digital platforms using the links below.  

What's it about?   An eighteen year old girl, a very troubled hero, and Celtic Magic! 
When Elizabeth's mother is murdered, her Celtic Granny casts a spell to summon a Dark Hero to rescue them. Granny's spell works, bringing a very troubled hero to Elizabeth's doorstep. Before he can whisk his new bride safely away, Elizabeth kidnapped. Donovan rescues her only to find she doesn't remember falling in love with him, in fact, she doesn't even recall ever meeting him before awakening in his bed. 

Her Dark Hero has no choice but to try to make her fall in love with him all over again.  

Elizabeth struggles with emerging magical skills and tries to hide them from this stranger she married. If Donovan learns she can see and speak with the dead, she fears he'll drop her at the nearest asylum and wash his hands of her. So, what's an 18th century girl to do? She's stuck on a remote island in the West Indies with a dark, brooding hero harboring secrets of his own, isolated and alone with no family or friends to can help her.  This is a Gothic Romance with plenty of supernatural events to keep you awake at night. And, it's free, the first book in the Reluctant Heroes Series! 

Itunes Link:  Download a free copy

Nook Link: Download for Free 

And, there's more! 

You can also get another full length Historical Paranormal Romance FREE!   If you like shapeshifter romance, werewolf romance, or just a good Gothic Romance, you'll love The Gypsy's Curse, A Gothic Tale of Romantic Suspense.

To receive your second free book, just fill in the details below and you will be able to download a second free full length novel by Lily Silver to enjoy this summer.

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Happy Summer, and Happy Reading!  

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