Friday, February 24, 2017

Undead Romance?

Love Gothic?  I do.

Currently, I am working on a contemporary Gothic Romance that features Vampires! Yum.  I'm loving it.

It will be released later this year (2017).

If you've not followed my blog, you probably aren't aware that Gothic is my first love as far as fiction.  I've written three delicious Gothic Tales so far, all historical.

Dark Hero, A Gothic Romance; Features a young woman who has descended from Druids, and is trying to hide her emerging powers from her scientist husband. Plenty of ghosts and magic in this one.

Bright Scoundrel, the sequel to Dark Hero, takes place in early 19th Century Ireland. Wow, the Gothic implications here are endless. I set my hero in Black Rose Castle, a place where ghosts have congregated, and also a nasty elemental spirit that thirsts for human blood. The hero, being the brother of the heroine in Dark Hero, is also a practicing Druid sorcerer. Lots of magic, supernatural events, and Gothic atmosphere in that one.

The Third book is a stand-alone, The Gypsy's Curse, A Gothic Tale of Romantic Suspense. The gypsy woman in the story is fleeing angry villagers. She decides to set up camp in an abandoned abbey for the winter. But, when the owner of the abbey returns, she's presented with a dilemma; stay or flee. He's one hot dude, but . . .  he's also a werewolf. (Get this one free by subscribing to my email list, see offer to the right.)

And now, I'm working on the Fourth Gothic Romance: Strictly Gothic, A Midnight Rose Gothic Romance!

This will be a new series featuring Gothic characters in the modern age, and vampires. It's a natural for me.

In the first book of the series, Strictly Gothic, Photographer Serena Cole is on a road trip in the old south with her intern photographing abandoned cemeteries for her upcoming art exhibition. She discovers an aberration on her captured images, a shadowy mi's st that takes the form of a man. A chance meeting with Simon Delacroix, a sexy Frenchman makes Serena question whether the spirit in her images is a ghostly ancestor or Simon himself. What is it about this handsome Frenchman that stirs her blood and threatens to capture her soul? Has she awakened something dark and dangerous?

Simon Delacroix escaped France at the time of the Terror and settled in the Louisiana Territory. After two hundred and fifty years as an immortal, he fears the madness affecting his species will consume him. The only antidote to becoming a Revenant is in finding a human whose blood antigens match his. When Serena Cole comes along he recognizes her as his his blood mate. There's just one problem, his sworn enemy from the past wants to claim Serena as his own.

A local murder and a vampire hunter complicate Simon's plans as Serena and her college intern explore the ruins of an old mansion where Simon's nemesis has made his lair.

In Book Two, Gothic Legacy, Serena's intern, Damien, struggles with his family legacy after discovering that not all vampires are evil, as he was brainwashed to believe. He was taught to hate vampires and other supernatural beings, and to kill them on sight. He wants to leave the elite corps of vampire assassins known as the Guardians of Mankind. If he leaves his post he will lose everything, his family, his freedom and most assuredly his life. No one leaves, they can only die in service. His awakening to the truth about vampires, the fey and other creatures of myth and legend is a danger the Guardians cannot risk, as it will shine light on their secret society and the havoc they have wrought through the ages. Damien must choose between what he was taught by his family and the unpopular reality regarding good and evil.

In Book Three, Gothic Destiny, Destiny must come to terms with the life she left behind when she was changed into an immortal being. After a decade as an undead tourist, she wishes she could be human again. She wants to experience the love of a good man, have children and a career as a broadcast journalist. As a vampire, she might be able to find a mate, but having kids isn't possible, nor is her dream of becoming a journalist, as vampires must live in the shadows and remain a myth to humans or risk being hunted and destroyed  Can she turn back time, find a cure for vampirism and reclaim the life that was lost to her forever?

In Book Four, Gothic Promises, Arabella Rabideaux struggles to reclaim her life and her sanity after a century and a half of mourning her beloved. Can she fight against the darkness claiming her soul, the dreaded curse vampires fear; becoming a demented Revenant? As a vampire scientist searches for a cure to reverse the disease that is slowly claiming her sanity, Arabella struggles with the increasing blood rage, visions from the past, and the fight for a future. After seeing Simon Delacroix's good fortune in finding his Blood Mate, hope is rekindled anew for Arabella to escape madness creeping over her soul by finding another Blood Mate.

As you can see, I've a busy schedule ahead of me with these four new romances and a unique new Gothic Romance Series.   I hope you'll check back in for updates, and for excerpts from these works.

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