Thursday, October 17, 2013

Haunted Romance

Halloween is in the air!  

Hey, it's time for scary movies, and chilling stories of hauntings.  



Add to that a little undead romance, and it's all good. 

Yes, I'm a romantic.  


One of my all time favorite movies, is the 1990 hit, "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze. You may have missed this one. 

It's about a pair of lovers, Sam and Molly.  They are in love. 


 All seems wonderful, and then one night, Sam is shot. 

He dies, leaving her behind to mourn him.

But Molly is in danger. The same people who murdered Sam may be after her. What does this stalwart hero do, but try to save his lady love. Patrick Swayze does an impeccable job as the hero in this tragic romance. He comes back and tries to save his love, Molly, (played by Demi Moore).  If you have never seen this movie, I beg you, do yourself a favor. It is SOoooo romantic and sensual. There are some great scenes that will steal your breath away.  

  One famous scene, pictured above, shows Molly and Sam making out in front of the pottery wheel while he is still alive. It's hot, it's touching, and the music in this scene is enough to make you swoon, even if Patrick doesn't do that for you. This is one movie you should not miss if you are an incurable romantic like me. It's full of tears, angst, yearning, love, comedy, danger, all the stuff that makes a Shakespeare play so timeless.

 After Sam dies, there is a similar scene, where Molly is up late, can't sleep. She is at the wheel, and Sam again cuddles up to her to hold her as he did when alive, only she can't feel him. It's touching and sad. 

But, this movie and these timeless lovers will warm your soul on this cold October evening. They remind us that love is eternal. Halloween, it's a great time of year to enjoy these classic movies about undead romance. There is also Whoopi Goldberg in an early role. She adds some zing to the story and a break to all that romantic angst with her funny portrayal of a psychic/con woman who is enlisted, somewhat against her wishes, to help Sam contact Molly from the other side.

Here's a Halloween Treat, view this trailer from the movie via youtube, and whet your appetite for a good old classic Ghost story with a romantic twist. 


NEXT TIME........Monster Love!  Plenty of that to go around this month. 

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