Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Team Eric or Team Bill, the True Blood Dilemma




Okay, the Twilight Manipulation of Team Jacob or Team Edward was a set up. The fans were set up to fail, because if you read all the books, you knew Bella would end up with Edward. Still, the marketers pushed the Team thing, letting innocent girls hope that Jacob would actually get the girl in the end.  Bad press. 


 But, if you are over twenty five, you probably don't care, right? Bella is a high school kid. She'll have lots of boyfriends before she meets the one, or she should ....... really. Who gets married at 18 anymore? 

Now, then, for all of the adult women in the room, we have a similar dilemma. Do we want Sookie (ourselves) to go with Eric or Bill?  Okay some might argue that it's a moot issue as she's been with Alicide for a while, on and off, too. Me, I'm not into the  werewolf lover thing. To quote the movie Van Helsing, "Why does it smell like wet dog in here?"  Enough said, you get my point. 

Now, who do you think is the better man for Sookie?

Bill is, or was, a gentleman. He plays by the rules and has a really, really strong sense of honor. He's a great romantic hero, as he'll always do the right thing.  He's really quite sexy, and sensitive. 

 To be honest, I was really disappointed when Bill and Sookie broke up. I liked him. But I think that viewers might have felt Bill was just too tame.  Yeah, really. He comes from a long line of planters, and is a civil war veteran. He was married, and had kids. He was born in America, in the 19th century. Yeah, interesting, but not edgy and dangerous. Not really Louis, and certainly no Lestat.


And if you want to spice things up a little, well, just bring in a 1000 year old Viking Vampire.  

 Eric Northman is not constrained by the Christian set of rules that Bill was. He was made long before Christianity made its mark on society.  He's a ruthless Viking at heart. He'll do what he must to get the job done.  You can see the immediate appeal of a bad boy like Eric.   He is Scary, with a captial S. You don't want to get on his bad side.  Eric was the vampire sheriff of area 5, at the beginning of the series. He ran a vampire club called Fangtasia.  Things have changed since the first season, and so had Eric's character. Oh, he's still nasty, but he's got a thing for Sookie now. And she's kind of in love with him, too.

I guess you can tell which side I tend to lean toward. Eric, of course. Eric is the dangerous bad boy we want to tame. He's the Dark Hero. Yes, Hero! In spite of all his nastiness and evil, he does become the hero for Sookie, for a season. He's saved her butt so many times, and you'd think if he was just so badass he'd drink her fey blood and drain her dry. He can't. He's in love with her, you see.   He, like Bill, feels this compelling need to protect Sookie.  Kind of reminds you of Jacob and Edward, doesn't it. But this one is for adults, not high school girls.   True Blood has lots of sexy scenes, with the vamps and humans having ........actual ...... cough .....SEX.  Yep,  Twilight is for the kiddies. True Blood is for Adults. 

Here's an adult treat for you on Halloween. 

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