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'Tis the Season; Christmas Romance and Free Gifts to readers!

It's that wonderful time of year again. That mystical, magical time when wishes can come true and everyone believes in magic, for just a little while. 


As a reader, I loved finding new Christmas Romances on the shelves. I loved the Regency Christmas stories, and also the Medieval ones. If I could find a colonial one, I was in heaven. My favorite time to read about is the 18th century, by the way. It's also my favorite time to write about. 

 Some of my favorite Christmas gems are listed in last year's Christmas post. 

Lily's favorite Christmas Story 

Get Caught Under the Mistletoe!  

This year, I have two Christmas books on the shelf to offer readers.  They are an offshoot from a series, Reluctant Heroes, and feature characters from the series. I've also made this set into it's own series, A Dark Hero Christmas.  


The first book in the series is free, permanently. It's my gift to devoted readers of the Reluctant Heroes Series, and features all the characters from the series, in short vignettes. The first book, Christmas at Ravencrest, takes place just after the climax of Dark Hero. It is the newly married couple's first Christmas together. I wrote this last autumn, because I wanted to include a detailed Christmas celebration for the couple at the end of Dark Hero, but as the book was already 400 pages long, I felt there was not time to go into the Christmas story fully. So, the 50 page short story was born.


 This story is about Elizabeth's first Christmas as a married lady. And guess what, Its FREE!  Yes, you can download it free on any platform. 


Barnes & Noble Nook


As the year progressed, (I published Christmas at Ravencrest in Dec. 2012) I realized I needed to continue the story. I left off at a cliff hanger, and some readers felt sad when the story ended just as a new chapter seemed to be beginning. Donovan's mother arrived on the scene as the Christmas Eve house party was in full swing and was shocked to find the house so changed. Knowing her son (Dark Hero), to be determined recluse, she panicked and thought her son had died.  So, this summer I started working on her story.  I'm pleased to say that it is finished, and was published on Saturday, December 7th, 2013. 

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Barnes & Noble Nook

 This story features Alicia Beaumont, Donovan's mother. She has been a widow for nearly two decades. She's still attractive, though, at 46. She has worried over her son's well being for so long, she's never sought love for herself. She journeys to her son's home, dreading another dull, lonely holiday with a son she finds difficult and contrary. If any of you have had family members you love but can't stand, or feel disappointment in, you'll know how Alicia feels. Christmas with family can be hard at times, for all of us. 


At Christmas Dinner Alicia recieves the little silver wishbone charm in her slice of plum pudding, and must make a wish. She gazes at Donovan, and realizes all her hopes for him have come true in his recent marriage. So, she makes a wish to find a true companion for herself. Not a lover, mind you, as she's had plenty of those over the years. 

 I must say, I had a lot of fun writing about romance from a mature woman's perspective. I was able to give Alicia more zest in the sex scenes, as she' s not a young virgin or inexperiened bride, as so many of the historical heroines are.  She's a healthy, lusty woman who goes after what she wants, discreetly. 


The series features the elements of a Colonial Christmas, begining with a Christmas Eve House Party given in the servant's honor by the Count and Countess Rochembeau. It depicts the usual elements, a dance, a feast, a kissing ball, parlor games, secret gifts and a Christmas feast featuring an English Christmas Pudding with charms inside.  Experience a different kind of Christmas, a Caribbean Christmas at Ravencrest Estates.  



And good news, I'm working on a third story, featuring the paid companion to the Countess du Rochembeau, Miss Chloe Ramirez. (I am also working on Chloe's full length romance, Gallant Rogue, book three of the Reluctant Heroes series, to be released in spring of 2014)  This short story featuring Chloe's Christmas Romance should be available before Christmas.  That means we have three women at one house party = Three romances:

The Bride  (Christmas at Ravencrest) 

The Widow (The Widow's Christmas Wish)

The Companion (A Christmas Kiss) 

 Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy the season with Family, hopefully with good times. 

The Widow's Wish is currently on sale for .99c, thru Dec. 18th.

 Lily Silver

Next time; a free excerpt from The Widow's Christmas Wish.

And if you are looking for some awesome Christmas reads, check out this site for a pleasant mix of offering from different genres: Addictive Christmas Reads

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