Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A New Book Released and A New Look for A Christmas Story



Hello Everyone,
I'm excited, as I now have my 8th fiction book released in the stores!  It is release day and I'm ready to do the happy dance.  A new release means many things to an author. It's sort of like giving birth after having a stomach the size of Texas. There is exhaustion, relief, joy, and a feeling of emptiness in the region where your baby took up residence for many months. 

It's like sending your youngest kid off to college, and then you look around the house and think, 'now what do I do?'.  I have plenty to do, as I'm about to start the sequel to my time travel romance, Some Enchanted Waltz, I have to finish The Gypsy's Curse, and I have several other writing projects that need my attention. But for now, I'm in the mood to celebrate and sit back like a new mother and just admire my newest baby. 

I've felt exhilarated, nervous, lost, uncertain, and happy, all in the space of a few days.  So, without further ado, here is an excerpt from my newest work,  Gallant Rogue. Released 10/15/2014---that's Today!!!
Background:  Chloe is in Jack's cabin, it's late at night. He's teaching her the art of swordplay. And yes, they are in their pajamas or what you'd call them back in 1808. Actually, Chloe is wearing Jack's shirt as her nightgown is too long and billowy for sword play. They've shared a brandy, and now Chloe's mind is not on the weapon in her hand . . .  it's on her handsome instructor.

     Excerpt from Gallant Rogue:  Copyright Lily Silver, 2014
“Don’t hold it like that.” Jack moved in, sidling up against her from behind as she hoped. He placed his hand on her wrist. “Your sword must be an extension of your arm. You don’t drop your arm, do you?”
       It was too much to bear. Chloe wanted the game to be over. Enough of swords and proper stance; she wanted him to kiss her again. She had her opponent close. She must not lose him again. She leaned forward slightly so her backside was more pronounced. She lifted her sword arm, making him have to lean in to reach up and follow her arm’s unsteady movement. When he was in place, she did that terrible, wicked thing. She wiggled her backside against him.

       It was a small movement. 

       A subtle movement. One that would change the game between them significantly.

      “Chloe,” he murmured, his voice gritty and coarse. His hands moved to her waist. He was holding her about the belly, his hands palmed against her flesh.
      She straightened and leaned back against his frame. “Jack.”
      “What are you doing?”
      “Surely, a man of your years knows the answer to that?”
His breath caressed her neck when he answered her, raising gooseflesh and anticipation as she waited for him to kiss the back of her neck. “You know what I mean, woman. This isn’t a game.”
      “I am a woman. You are a man, an attractive man.”

      “You’ll regret it in the morning. This is not like you.’

      “How do you know if this is or isn’t like me?” she asked, lowering the sword and putting her free arm across his as it bracketed her waistline. “I am not a maid unacquainted with the lover’s dance.” 

Jack’s lips were close to her ear as he pressed against her in the way she intended. “It’s the brandy, darling. Lowers the drawbridge over the moat, drops the guard."  Copyright Lily Silver, 2014

Chloe and Jack deserve each other, but each one is tip-toeing around the other one, trying to decide if they should follow their feelings instead of their head.  That's romance for you, attraction to the person who is the opposite of what you think you need, or where you are headed in life.  

And on to other news ...... A new cover for an older book, one published last year around Christmas time. I've updated the cover for Christmas at Ravencrest, the short story that takes place just after the end of Dark Hero, (1st in the Reluctant Heroes Series), and features the newlyweds first Christmas together at Ravencrest Estates. 

This book is part of a trilogy, featuring three women at one house party: the bride, the widow and the companion (FYI Chloe's Christmas story is pre Gallant Rogue, before she was wed "A Christmas Kiss", back when Chloe was a paid companion to the Countess du Rochembeau).  I will be updating the cover of A Christmas Kiss soon.

Thanks for visiting, and come back again soon.  

Lily Silver, Author and free spirit

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