Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Werewolf Romance: Walking on the Wild Side

Last Thursday I started talking about Monster Love, in the form of Werewolf romances.

Werewolves have had a renaissance so to speak, a revival of interest since the movies and television have romanticized them.  I mentioned the series Twilight, with Jacob Black, and Trublood with Alcide. Those two werewolf characters are hot, and appeal to a wide audience of admirers.

So, with the paranormal romance genre, we've evolved from mere vampires to embrace all manner of creatures, so to speak.  Werewolves are no exception.  If you've been following this blog, you know that I have my own werewolf romance in progress, and I've been feeding you tidbits weekly in the form of my Serialized Sunday excerpts since last February. It's a change for me, as I've always been a Vampire Hero girl. But, Stephan St. John, my werewolf hero, has an endearing quality. If you want to read the story for free, just start here: The Gypsy's Curse, Post One

Now, Let me introduce you to a unique series that is sure to delight you: the Wild Wulfs, of London. They are three brothers. These boys were my first introduction to the werewolf romance lines, and it was a good experience---my first time with a werewolf hero.

The first story was called, The Dark One. It features the oldest brother, Armond, who is trying to live his life quietly. His pesky neighbor, however, won't let him be. It's a woman, and she's in trouble. So, Armond, being noble and honorable, helps her.  Of course this brings trouble, and romance.
This is set in the regency era.  It's my favorite story of the three.  

The heroine, Annabelle, is in the control of her wicked stepbrother. She turns to Armond for help. Armond marries her to save her reputation, and the marriage is one of convenience. Of course, they won't fall in love, now will they?  I love these kinds of forced marriage of convenience stories, so this one immediately pulled me in. The full moon is looming, and Armond has a big secret from his new wife. Will he overcome the curse, or will he end up killing his lady love?

Armond has two brothers, Jackson and Gabriel.

Jackson's The Untamed One, the troublemaker. He is on the hunt for a witch. He believes that by killing her he'll be free of the curse. But, things don't go as planned. He finds the witch Lucinda, in a cave, after having just given birth. Instead of trying to kill her, he ends up protecting her and her baby from an angry, dangerous man. After realizing she is not the evil witch he believed her to be, Jackson helps her after she promises she may have a spell that can set him free from the werewolf curse. Of course, this beastie has a big heart, he falls in love with Lucinda and her baby . . . .

The third brother, Gabe, is the earthy one. He's sort of a farmer. A rich farmer type as he tends the brother's estate and likes working with the land. He is cursed because he's the one in the family who vows never to love, and lives in seclusion. He ends up fleeing into the wilds with a woman named Amelia, a widow who is being hunted by another beast. Gabe ends up trying to protect her and himself from being hunted by a mad man who wants to kill them both.I liked this one because it featured the two of them running from danger in the wilds, the woods, and trying to survive.

All three Wulf Brothers are yummy heroes, each one different, and yet each one appealing as a romance hero.  The main theme in these books is the werewolf hero protecting the heroine from some sort of danger. He risks his life, both in human and wolf form, to protect the woman he loves.  This is the fascination of historical romance to begin with, and with contemporary romantic suspense, the woman in jeapardy theme that endures.  Sometimes it's an ex-navy seal protecting the woman in danger, sometimes its a noble hearted werewolf--your choice!

These wonderful romances are also set in the Regency time period, making them an extra special treat for Halloween if you like Historical Romance with a paranormal twist.  I've heard that Ronda Thompson published two more books in the series, making them a five book set. I've only read the first three, and highly recommend these delicious romance stories as a Halloween treat.

The werewolf romance; its all about loving the wolf, the beast within the man. The alpha romance hero takes on a whole new meaning with these stories--pun intended.

Happy Halloween, and may you have a wonderful night with the monster of your choice!

Here is a pic of the first silver screen werewolf, Lon Chaney as The Wolf Man.  

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